Witty and effervescent…fresh and funny’

– Virginia Blackburn, Daily Express
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‘A real rock & roll evening – Elvis would have loved it!’
– Judith Chalmers and Neil Durden-Smith

Nostalgic, funny but quite hard-hitting’

– Jeremy Chapman, Musical Theatre Review
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‘Packs an emotional punch. Watch out for it in the West-End!’
– Vanessa Feltz, BBC Radio 2

A potent drama that straddles teenage innocence and disillusioned middle-age’

– John Nathan, Jewish Chronicle
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A gutsy new play with songs, bolstered by strong central performances and a nostalgic soundtrack’

– Paul Vale, The Stage
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‘A very talented cast with great singing. A very enjoyable night’
– Alison Steadman, Actress

‘The Gatehouse is famed for its musicals and the production values in this one are as impressive as ever’
– Aline Waites, Ham & High

‘Teenage angst, middle-age meltdowns, laughs, terrific close harmonies – and a bloke who looks like Elvis. That’s what I call a good night out.’
– Richard Madeley, TV presenter

‘What Elvis left in the building shown with expertise’
– William Russell, Reviewsgate
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‘Thoroughly enjoyed the show – it was magic’
– Terry Jones, (Monty Python) Writer & Director

‘A musical confection to make [your] blue suede shoes explode with joy’
– Michael Stewart, Camden New Journal
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‘Another triumphant treat for this thriving fringe theatre’
– Brad Ashton, Taxi Magazine
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‘Witty, clever and passionate, with a serious twist. Just like Kirsty was.’
– Philip Rambow, Co-writer of the hit song There’s a Guy Works Down the Chip Shop Swears He’s Elvis

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